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Canceled due to the
COBAC-20 Virus*



the equilete horse sale



Due to the devasting outbreak of the COBAC Virus in Winnemucca, this event has been canceled and will be moved elsewhere.


COBAC* Overview

The Cranky Old Boomers Against Change virus, commonly known as COBAC-20, is a neurological disease generally affecting older Americans and their ability to embrace new ideas.

The virus tends to spread rapidly, particularly in rural areas, where older people have been in charge of event boards for numerous years with little to no oversight or turn over.


The underlying cause of COBAC vary by type. Demographics susceptible to Fear Of Change, Fear Of Technology and, especially, Fear Of Self-Improvement are especially vulnerable to contracting this mental disease.

Humans with Ego Immunity-compromised mental states are often the first infected. Those with tendencies to blame others instead of self-analyze (victimize) are often infected next.

COBAC victims usually also have a financially vested interest in keeping things the same to avoid any potential revenue loss or damage to their ego. These defensive efforts result in the destruction of their community and removal of competitive events thereby ensuring the infected board members never have to innovate since monopolies don’t need to innovate and restrict freedom.


COBAC victims suffer from loss of motivation and drive while aggressively undermining anyone else’s efforts to make community progress. This psychological behavior is called Crab Mentality.

The primary symptom of COBAC infected people is preventing innovation by roadblocking competition which might force the virus’s host to actually do a better job at their job. 

COBAC victims who feel particularly threatened, usually as a result of talented people with more energy, will suffer crippling mental symptoms known medically as Painicus Assicus. This unpleasant social condition causes the infected human to Be A Giant Pain in The Ass, or BGPTA, for short. 

Avoid contact with infected humans exhibiting signs of BGPTA. Signs include intimidation with unfounded threats such as ‘you’ll lose friends if you pursue this idea‘, make-believe policies to specifically stop your progress or rules that apply just to your event and other Abuse of Power maneuvers to protect their personal interests and gains.


There is no known cure for the disease at this time. However, certain treatment methods have shown to reduce symptoms.

Removing the COBAC-infected members from positions of power such as local boards, teaching them how to use the internet effectively and reading more books to broaden their minds has proven positive at lowering the mental degenerative effects of this devastating neurological disease on both victims and their communities.


The best way to avoid contracting COBAC is thoroughly washing your hands of corrupt local boards and publicly appointed figures

Social distancing is particularly effective. It is recommended to take your ideas, talents, and events someplace else. Which is what the infected COBAC victims wanted in the first place.

Communities can avoid further contaminating residents and causing more idea deaths due to COBAC related talent-displacement by removing and replacing decision-making authorities at least every DECADE, for god sake.

Demanding more financial transparency from publicly appointed figures in charge of publicly funded events and spaces also stops the spread of this devastating viral affliction.

Jokes aside, here is what happened:

The Equilete Sale was originally supposed to happen in Winnemucca, Nevada because the fairground event space here is great.

It was going to happen in conjunction with The Fast Time Full Hearts Ranch Rodeo and Roping Weekend in June.

When numerous circumstances required a date change to October 3rd, it was denied by the very same people who manage the only other ranch rodeo and sale in Winnemucca.

Thereby ensuring the event would be canceled altogether.

The Ag Board District #3 along with Kim Petersen, the Director of the Winnemucca Convention & Visitors Authority, are in charge of deciding which equestrian events are allowed to use the publically funded Winnemucca Events Complex, aka Fairgrounds.

The WEC is allocated an average of $1.5 Million in taxpayer funds each year.

This same group of people — the Ag Board & Kim Petersen of the WCVA — also happen to produce the Ranch Hand Rodeo & Sale. 

#ConflictOfInterest anyone?

They felt this Equilete sale was too great of a ‘threat’ to the Ranch Hand Rodeo and Sale and had only allowed the June date to happen once — on a ‘trial basis’ — to be evaluated next year to determine if it took away ‘market share’ from the RHR.

Since I was not allowed to move the date and was only allowed to have one shot, I requested permission to make it as big as possible and allow anyone to consign. 

They denied this request also.

The Equilete Sale had to be girls only, limited catalog and remain on the June date which was no longer logistically possible. 

Sorry boys, you were an even bigger threat because, in the words of Kent Maher, the Ag Board President, and Legal Counsel to the City of Winnemucca, “we all know who rides those horses anyway, it makes no difference if it is ‘ladies only.’ “

Apparently the President of the Ag Board District #3 (rodeo board) doesn’t believe women are capable of making great horses on their own.

So, obviously, investing significant time and financial resources into an event that’s guaranteed to be a scapegoat for the RHR’s decline in popularity does not make sense.

Any success would be punished.

Therefore, this event is being reimagined into something more inclusive, bigger and better… someplace else.

Stay Tuned