TL; DR Summary
  • The sale date needed to be changed to October 3rd and was denied by the Ag District #3 and Kim Petersen, the Director of the Winnemucca Convention and Visitor’s Authority. They are also in charge of producing the Ranch Hand Rodeo Sale.

  • The men cited “competitive risk to Ranch Hand Rodeo” as primary reason for restricting the date change.

  • The sale was allowed strictly on a trial basis only. If the success of the event was perceived in any way to impede the success of the Ranch Hand Sale it would not be allowed to continue.

  • After all these restrictions, they also refused to allow the sale to be open to all consignors; it had to remain female only. 

  • The Winnemucca Events Complex (fairgrounds), WCVA and Ag District #3 are all publically funded and appointed entities. 

The men in charge of producing the Ranch Hand Rodeo and Sale also, unfortunately, happen to be in charge of scheduling events at the publically funded Winnemucca Events Complex.

Getting this event cleared by this group was difficult enough. 

Requesting a date change was even harder.

The date request was denied by the Ag District #3 and Kim Petersen, the Director of the WCVA and producer of the Ranch Hand Rodeo due to the “competitive risk threat” that this event posed.

The request date was October 3rd.

Despite being nearly the same distance away as the June dates from the Ranch Hand Rodeo, members of the Ag District #3, voiced concerns that the date would impose an even greater risk of competition because, as Chris Bengoa stated, “that’s when we start gearing up for our sale.”

After lengthy debate around perceived ‘competition threats,’ the Ag Board would neither allow the event to be moved nor would they allow the event to be open to any consignors. It had to remain on a ‘trial basis.’

It also had to remain a female-only, limited catalog event.

Sorry, boys.

You’ll just have to keep traveling to better-produced sales or settle for this typical trader sale disguised as a ‘performance’ horse sale.

The ‘trial basis’ requirement ensured any success would be punished.

Requiring that the sale happens on a ‘trial basis only’ meant it would be certainly terminated next year if anyone on the Ag Board or Kim Petersen perceived the success of this event as imposing on revenue for the Ranch Hand sale.

In other words, success would mean cancellation for next year.

During initial conversations, Kim Petersen, the publically appointed and taxpayer-funded Director of WCVA, told me over the phone “if you pursue this you’re going to lose a lot of friends.”

In a later conversation in Kim Petersen’s office, while trying to persuade him to reconsider, he explained his fears of allowing anything that might “take away from our Ranch Hand weekend.” 

In regards to my abilities and my previous Full Hearts Fast Times Weekend Event he explained, “I’m scared of you because you’re good.”


#ConflictOfInterest, anyone?

The President of the Ag District #3, Kent Maher, is also the City Attorney. He is the legal adviser of the Mayor, City Council and all officers and departments of the City. 

The Ag District #3 and most of its members are responsible for producing the RHR and Sale. Several get paid to work during the event.

Kim Petersen, the Director of the Winnemucca Convention & Visitor Authority, is listed as the primary producer for the Ranch Hand Rodeo and Sale.

The WCVA is funded by taxpayer dollars generated during special events.

The Winnemucca Events Complex (fairgrounds) is funded primarily by property tax.

In 2019 it was allocated $1,780,805 collected from property taxes, room tax, services charges and other publically funded sources. See page 39 for a detailed tax breakdown for WEC.

The Winnemucca Convention & Visitors Authority mission is stated as:

  • Helping Winnemucca to be the place where people want to stay and play
  • Contributing to the quality of life
  • Promoting tourism

Kim Petersenis also the producer of the Ranch Hand Rodeo. 

Mr. Petersen